IOM Launches Community Peacebuilding Initiatives in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea

Local communities, sub-national government authorities and IOM launching Community Peace for Development Plans in the Southern Highlands province. © Sebastian Hurokoli/ IOM

Port Moresby The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has launched two peacebuilding initiatives in the Kagua-Erave district of the Southern Highlands.

From December 6 to 8, IOM experts from Port Moresby and Mendi offices, travelled to the remote villages of Pira 1, Pira 2 and Mapata 2, in the Kagua Erave District, to launch two peacebuilding initiatives, implemented by IOM, with funding from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.

The initiatives are part of IOM’s Community Peace for Development (CPDP), Climate Change and Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Planning and Implementation program. Included in this program was the implementation of four community plans, that included the building of infrastructure to facilitate peace and development. In Pira 1 village this infrastructure was a health post, and in Pira 2 village this was a market. Both initiatives will service the Aiya Local Level Government. The market and the health post were chosen by the communities themselves, as peacebuilding solutions that could also encourage development in the area.

Both initiatives, were enacted after IOM interventions in the district during tribal fighting. These included workshops and training for combatants, women and youth, and an eventual agreement to put an end to the fighting.

The launches were attended by representatives from the district administrations, local level government and the Hon. Maina Yawi Pano, National Member for the Kagua-Erave District, to witness the signing of the CPDP Plan. IOM was welcomed by community officials, with performances from local schools and choirs.

Thank you, IOM. The work of IOM is seen within the community, and within the electorate of Kagua Erave, as far as the Southern Highlands. Thank you very much.” – said Janny Pani, Community Development Officer, Kagua-Erave District Administration.


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