23 Jun 2021
By: IOM Papua New Guinea

IOM has delivered a 5-day training to gender inclusive Community Facilitation Teams (CFTs) on Community Peace for Development Planning in Mendi.

Funded by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund and delivered in Mendi Town (7-11 June 2021), IOM has delivered Community Peace for Development Planning training as part of the UN’s Highlands Joint Programme aimed at creating conditions for peace.

The CFTs returned to their respective communities empowered to facilitate and develop Community Peace for Development Plans (CPDPs). These plans will highlight and address community priorities for peace and sustainable community development that will aligned with the Papua New Guinea’s Vision 2050 and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

The knowledge gained in this training is essential in fostering peace and unity in our communities. I am fortunate to attend this training and I believe that I will make a significant contribution regarding peacebuilding in my community,” noted a participant – Mr. Samuel Kom at the closing of the training.  He pledged to support the wishes of people from his community to sustain peace by actively contribute in developing their CPDP.

The CPDP planning and implementation process empower communities to embrace peace, community stability and take ownership of existing and new developments people communally wish for. 

A group completes activities aimed at improving community engagement in peace and development initiatives. Photo: © IOM/ Simon Kafu; David Kuna

Training participants expressed gratitude for attended the training. Alice Bibe from the Hela Provincial Government highlighted  that the training addressed well the need to better organize their Council Wards. She was confident that after the community planning in her community, people from her community will gradually develop better mindset that will be more receptive to taking ownership, being responsible and promote peace.

The Chairman for Southern Highlands Peace and Good Order Committee – Mr. David Hep who also attended the the 5-day training noted, “We are energized to go back to our communities to make awareness and share what we have learned here.I work with the 25 Peace Mediators in the province to advance peace initiatives and  will ask IOM to organize a similar training because I see that this (training) will boost the capacity of my team.” 

This training complements ongoing community-led initiatives launched by IOM in the Highlands region.

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